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The design of a contemporary rites of passage tailoring facility for at-risk boys in the Pretoria CBD

This project focuses on at-risk boys and emphasises the importance of a guided and tailored transition from boyhood to manhood. The project addresses the lack of institutional structures for at-risk boys and recommends a tailoring facility in the Pretoria CBD as a solution. Theories defining rites of passage and liminality were developed to present an appropriate architectural typology tailored for at-risk boys transitioning from boyhood to manhood.

The architectural intervention includes tailoring the architecture to tailor the at-risk boy which, in turn, will result in the tailored man. The objective of the proposed design is to provide a structural and functional facility that facilitates the rites of passage or transitioning process from boyhood to manhood by implementing the artisanal methods of teaching the art of tailoring.


Tshwane University of Technology

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