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An Exploration of Water Security through Architecture: towards a Learning Centre in Durban.

The research explored Water Security through Architecture towards developing architectural principles of a Learning Centre in Durban. In the context of the research, Water Security refers to water conservation for society and water control through the built and natural environment.

The aim was to change humans' perception of water through multi-sensory experiences with the treatment process. The built and natural environment becomes a living system that demonstrates the water-cleaning process through the outdoor park with various bio-retention systems, allowing visitors to (re)connect with nature. The design encapsulates a strong axis leading from the entrance to the harbour, with adjoining interactive learning spaces and seating areas to attract visitors, forming active and informal learning environments.

The different spaces allow the users to expand their knowledge and awareness of water-related aspects and concerns whilst showcasing methods to improve water security through exhibitions, artwork, sculptures, a recollection museum, workshops, and observatories. The design merges learning with leisure along the harbour to alleviate water scarcity and increase water awareness in the public realm.





I have been a creative person and enjoyed drawing from a very young age and I found interest in technical drawing during high school. The combination of the two lead me towards studying Architecture.

why did you choose to study architecture?

Kreolin Lyle Naicker


University of KwaZulu-Natal

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