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The Design of Buildings for the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Fort Hare in East London

The project is concerned with the city of East London as a place of learning with an emphasis on the location of the University of Fort Hare as a site of interest. The main concerns are centered on the relationship between the city form and its natural edge.

The aim was to design a relevant and appropriate 21st-century agricultural facility. A facility that works to revitalize the city structure surrounding the University of Fort Hare campus and creates an edge building that interacts with the public realm while slightly touching the natural landscape to preserve and revitalize the natural edge.

The technical design looks at the adaptation of the existing Old Miriam Makeba building located on the site and the use of modular systems as an architectural expression to create a sustainable building that fits the context.





In architecture, I have discovered a platform that allows me to express my art and creativity. Coming from a technical background helped me to understand the nature of construction and architecture taught me a way of communicating that through art in a way that others can visualize by means of a physical model or building. Architecture has allowed me to find my own creative path and leave a mark wherever I go.

why did you choose to study architecture?

Luzuko Funda


Nelson Mandela University

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