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The design of an archive at King’s Beach, Gqeberha,

In the intention of satisfying the desires of the deviant and chaotic city, and as a subversion of the ruling ideologies and attitudes towards what is ‘proper’ and what is ‘worthwhile’, the project invents a useless, idiotic, whimsical architecture that houses all the unwanted and unrepresented objects in the city, giving the voiceless a platform to scream.
The manifestation of a thousand whims and whispers of inanimate and animate creatures, who all want to burst forth in dancing and plundering. A house, a hotel, an archive for the chaos of the city. The project aims not to please or to succeed, but rather to subvert, diverge, and invent.
This is the search for an architectural anomaly. An anti-default.





I love exploring ideas and concepts, dreams and whims, and I love the attempt at representation: graphical, sketched, rendered or simply observed. And I also love physical objects, things that are interesting to be around, under, inside of, or on top of. To be frank, I never chose architecture as a career choice, but architecture is a field that encapsulates everything I find fascinating. Architecture somehow amalgamates all my diverging interests and passions.

why did you choose to study architecture?

Gideon Williams


Nelson Mandela University

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