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Tshwane University of Technology


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Decolonising architecture with a hybrid theory of image, culture and space through the design of a land redistribution hub in Tshwane proved a winning theme for Sesana from the Tshwane University of Technology. Entitled ‘A REVOLUTION’, the idea was born of a desire to narrate a forgotten African history and suppressed African ability.

“As a result, in conceptualising my thesis, I treated land as a standing witness to the evolution and aggregation of history, with the result that 90% of the proposal is below the ground so as to remember the past through the surviving layers of earth,” explains Tlhologello.

“My project was initially perceived as very controversial, so I received a lot of push back while trying to articulate and formalise it. I will say life has an interesting way of nudging one towards a particular trajectory. I do hope to honour this calling with honest conviction and pride in my African heritage.”