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University of Pretoria


“Fleeting moments and scurried movements are captured by tall walls of concrete and brick, formed on the edges of oversized blocks in the inner city of Pretoria. The wide streets, bustling with traffic, push a myriad of informal activities to the fringes of the streets, forging a tight and contested pedestrian realm,” comments Vermeuleun in her thesis entitled ‘Exploring the Potential of Latent Space in the Inner City of Pretoria’.

A new relationship between the inner-city user, buildings and latent space is created by overlaying urban, architectural, programmatic, technological, heritage and contextual design strategies. These palimpsestic strategies are given architectural effect through additions and alterations to existing buildings, as well as new infill through connections, insertions, extensions and appropriations.

Exploring the potential of latent space in the inner city of Pretoria

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