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Montage, Collage in making Tarkovsky’s Zone:

University of Cape Town


Krat explains that her work took on a very theoretical approach that drew parallels between her heritage as a Russian-South African and the collective ecological and cultural history of marginal sites in Cape Town. Her thesis, entitled ‘Montage, Collage in making Tarkovsky’s Zone: Sculpting a Cinematic Narrative Space in a Liminal Landscape’, explores how alternative and experiential design methods inspired by the study of cinema can inform the creation of poetic and phenomenologically enhanced architecture, which connects multiple realities and time-based encounters.

Krat’s research drew parallels between Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinematic zone, the perceptual zone of the current Covid-19 reality and a physical Cape Town site containing the marginal Salt River zone. The latter’s industrial history is showcased in derelict constructions made from Corobrik products. These remnants comprise steel, iron and brickwork found in existing industrial artefacts, which were then reworked with the ephemeral addition of wood as a material to create a renewed interpretation both physically and metaphorically.

Sculpting a Cinematic Narrative Space in a Liminal Landscape

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