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Crafting Endurance:

University of Cape Town

Kelly De Gouveia

The speed of technological advancement and increased demands of industrialization have given rise to expedient, rushed, and wasteful trends in urban development. This has ultimately led to the privatization and fragmentation of cities, hindering the potential for civic life to occur.

Situated within the context of Cape Town’s East City, the project aims to counteract this in the design proposal of a new Civic Stitch: a multi-purpose public facility which houses the new premises for the department of home affairs as its primary function.

The design engages with notions of time, form, space, and memory to create a new locale for slow city life which stitches the fragmented civic realm between Cape Town’s City Centre and the scarred urban fabric of District Six. By harnessing time and slowness as design tools, the project re-establishes the concept of endurance as a more sustainable approach to architecture and urban development which values craftsmanship over standardization, use-value over exchange value, and long-term durability over short term gratification.

form, time, space, and memory in the construction of a civic urban artefact for cape town’s east city.

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