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University of Pretoria

Taryn Glazebrook

The project in Marabastad aims to support migrants and informal traders, fostering community and aiding integration. Marabastad, a vibrant but challenged area in Pretoria, faces issues of poverty and exclusion. The project seeks to harness the potential of the community, providing support for newcomers and enhancing existing networks. Strategically located, it facilitates access and integration, addressing arrival issues. The design emphasizes pedestrian-oriented architecture, creating safe and welcoming spaces. Programmes include trading facilities, job centers, and community spaces. Materials like brick and timber balance tradition with innovation. The project aligns with modern ideas of belonging, recognizing the importance of social relationships. By leveraging the informal sector, it addresses both migration and economic development. Encouraging interaction between newcomers and residents benefits both groups. Through its design and approach, the project illustrates architecture's role in fostering integration and community in a diverse urban environment.

From Arrival to Revival

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